Free webshops for small businesses

As nations all around the world start being impacted by the effects of Covid-19 we are starting to see how truly global we as a society have become. Small businesses around the globe are starting to struggle with significant cuts in income.

Based on the current events unfolding and the measures taken by multiple nations these effects will continue to be felt over the coming months.

We want to do our part and empower small local businesses by lowering the entry barriers to ecommerce allowing anyone and everyone to start selling goods online with no setup costs or recurring fees for our platform.

Who’s eligible?

Anyone looking to bring their business online

How does this help?

  • Give business owners that traditionally would not consider selling goods online a chance at discovering new avenues for potential income streams
  • Connect with more customers

Is there a vendor lock in?

Absolutely not! We want to democratize ecommerce, thus enabling you to use the tools you see fit to run your online business with no restrictions.

What fees should I expect?

Third party services such as your domain registrar & payment providers (Stripe) will still incur their regular fees. We will be enforcing a fair usage policy but we do not expect small businesses to run into any issues associated with data caps.

Next Steps

We are building out our platform as fast as possible and will start rolling out webshops over the coming weeks. We will keep you posted as soon as we can roll out a stable release.

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