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DerShop is an open source Ecommerce WebShop system built from the ground up with developers in mind.

Planned Features


Serverless first approach drastically improves reliability and scaling potential of your webshop.

Quick Start

Automatically deploy your webshop in seconds. Or quickly deploy manually and be up and running in minutes.

Framework Agnostic Frontend

Vue.js, ReactJs or just plain old CSS & HTML. You are in control of your frontend.


Want to manage your Shop with external tools? Hooking into the DerShop GraphQL API gives you full control.

SEO / Marketing / Tracking

State of the art SEO & Marketing tools with built in analytics. No more dealing with GDPR.

Progressive Web App

Incredibly fast response times means its easy to delight your users, grow engagement and increase conversions.

Go Green

Ecommerce systems are notorious for system requirements leading to idling servers just to serve peak traffic. DerShop only runs when a request is invoked.

For Developers, By Developers

Built for developers first. DerShop is open source and always will be.

About Us

Patrick Haug
Patrick Haug
Matthias von Bargen
Matthias von Bargen

After over 2 years of working on one of europes biggest outdoor online retailer & sick of dealing with monolithic 'Ecommerce frameworks' we decided its time to change the Ecommerce Webshop landscape for good.

DerShop is our attempt at making that leap forward and bringing Ecommerce Webshops into the 21st century.

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